Freitag, 29. Mai 2009

I am a slice of candy paper

I am a slice of candy paper
I am just a slice of candy paper beautiful of yours, once my heart was very sweet, curled up at your side with that strong fragrance. Flowers should wither eventually while in blooming. It was so transient and touching that that beauty came, it is so unwilling to leave you. Just as I at this moment only fasten the butterfly of the dance, is taking limitless attachment, the warmth with your centre of the palm, float from sight of you gradually, with gentle wind that, fly swiftly, fly to others' world

We know each other in that peach blossom is brandished, the pear take the season with rain, the floating red of this full small stream, colored rain full, let people according to add some attachment always. Because has known you, has experienced the smiling face like your sunshine, the intoxicated temperature to your centre of the palm, addicted to you and fix one's eyes on tenderness of instant, the ones that just knew this ground are delicate and charming, have known this unrestrainedness of fastening the dance with the wind.

Because this falls red, I have met the most beautiful and aroused in interest, because of this deep and remote fragrance, the feeling definitely beautiful and apt to die of my experience is worried about. Had thought, one's own pink pear was white, can be the most gorgeous, purest; Had thought, flew swiftly and flew to spoil the gentle powder butterfly by oneself, although there is no blinding clothing of butterfly, also have a pair of wings beautiful, can dance in your chest to one's heart's content; Think one tenderness but concerned expression in one's eyes, can drive cold for winter, very warm to ripple in one's own heart for all one's life.

But you accidentally, eat up I heart stamen like honeyed juice, bring shallow light smile that in that, move me away by your lip, throw to that sky conveniently, allow me to rotate and flutter unably, until disappearing in the friendly depths of fog of distant place.

The one beautiful flutters, but the freedom like wind, but always difficult to forget to your thinking fondly of, only want to accompany it at your side, the perfect one makes people enchanted. Understand, abandon your figure eventually until tearful eyes whirling at this moment. The end of the branch of this spring in the air will float again, I have seen that has belonged to my happiness, this happiness can not be kept out really, the loneliness after then fallen petals lies in profusion. Leave the flower like the rain, wants to let oneself descend slowly and lightly with the wind, the ones that crashed into that nobody and knew fell in the red depths, take the post as the burying by oneself gorgeously of that ground, and then let the heart go out of cultivation in the calmness.

" the wandering water of since the flower flows automatically " . Even if it have it is much reason want reason,have when being dissipate after all, even if how oneself be choose this not to be yearned for give up, oneself descend slowly and lightly with the wind at last, even if how about think these scenery to the limit diligently oneself, still unavoidable one of this scenery depths is dreary. Stand on the rail side parallel to you, I know, that will have no point of intersect forever, can only be at this dark night, hide you in dream Tong that is pondered deeply.

The ones that tidied up that went out of cultivation and is loved, the sweet heart sealed up for safekeeping under the paper parcel of candy clicks and clicks

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